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"10 best dinner ideas for kids"

Feeding your tribe healthy and yummy meals every night can sometimes feel like the hardest part of an already hard day. And let’s face it, we are all guilty at least once a week when our favorite meal is on backorder while everyone else in town has their own copy straight from the pantry! But now there's hope for those days where dinner feels more daunting than satisfying--you needn't worry any longer because these easy recipes will have you reaping rewards before bedtime even arrives (spoiler alert: they're actually not as difficult).

Dinner time can be tough for parents. There are so many dinner recipes to choose from, but with the right food and inspiration you'll find your family enjoying healthy meals again! My crazy good Chicken Parmesan Meatballs recipe has been a hit in our house lately as well as Easy Cheesy Garlic Broccoli Pasta (which my little guy loves). And don't forget that I also have tons of toddler friendly snacks like smoothies or lunch ideas too - just look at all these great choices:

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Make mealtimes less of a battle with your toddler and kids, more enjoyable. If you’re tired of cleaning up afterward or if they don't seem to be eating enough at meal times then these are my top picks for toddlers who need help staying full longer!

1. A good high chair
2. Plastic plates and bowls
3. Silicone spoons, forks, and knives
4. Cutting board for food prep
5. Dish soap with bleach to clean up after mealtime messes
6. Cutlery organizer for easy access to utensils in the drawer or on the countertop


Prep Ahead – To save your sanity during the week, prep one or two items that you plan on using for dinners this coming weekend. For example: chopped up an onion, marinate some chicken and make a veggie loaded pasta sauce; these simple tasks can be done in just 30 minutes!

One Meal for Toddlers, Kids and Adults – Make one dinner for toddlers, kids and you! I developed these recipes to ensure that my little ones have a healthy meal each night. They’re easy enough so don't feel like they're too much work; the best part is how delicious they taste without sacrificing any flavor or nutrition-heavy ingredients either. So what are waiting get started? Let's make some foodie magic happen together right now in your kitchen—it only takes about 30 minutes from start (cooking) until finish(eating).

Plan Ahead – When it comes to meal planning, the one thing that has helped me endlessly is choosing my meals for the week and then shopping once. I never worry about what to make if an evening because everything can be found in advance! This also means doubling up on freezer-friendly recipes so no food goes wasted during these times of crisis
I’m talking natural disasters or just bad luck like when your car breaks down miles from home (it happens). Planning ahead makes sure there are plenty leftovers ready at all times - even if we don't feel hungry later into the night after our big dinner feast.


1. Make a taco night with tacos, chips and salsa
2. Create a pizza bar where everyone can have their own personal custom-made pizza
3. Have a "make your own" pasta night with different sauces and toppings
4. Grill up some chicken skewers or kabobs on the barbecue for an easy dinner that tastes delicious
5. Serve up some of your favorite appetizers as dinner – think mini quiches, sliders, wonton cups filled with dip, etc
6. Chop veggies and make them into little veggie kebabs to serve as a side dish or appetizer
7) Bake cookies together - it's fun to get creative! Mix in different ingredients like chocolate chips or sprinkles for variety
8) Set out premade sandwiches (or make them yourself!) so guests can assemble their own sandwich meal at home before they head over for game night
9) Fill muffin tins with veggies like peppers, cucumbers, carrots; bake until crispy then top with cheese sauce (add any other toppings you want too!) for individual vegetable pizzas that are super kid friendly but still satisfying enough to please adults too! The kids will love helping assemble

10)yoghurt with goji berries and oats-Yoghurt with goji berries and oats is a great option! This snack is packed with antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Plus, it's easy to prepare and takes just minutes to make.