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5 ways to use goji berries that you didn't know about

With their pretty colors and tasty flavors, Mother Nature really did it right when she created a world of flavorful berries. These tiny edible fruits provide an abundance health benefits that you may not have heard about before! For example: gojiberries contain more than three times as much vitamin C than any other common berry on earth; they also pack quite the powerful antioxidant punch (rich in polyphenols). And don't forget how gorgeous these little guys look--with shades ranging from deep reds to bright oranges - unlike anything else out there...

Well, here's your answer today! I'm sharing more information on the benefits of goji berries. Plus my top 5 ways to enjoy this rich-sweet deep red berry in a plethora or dishes such as smoothies salads breakfast bowls trail mix and baked goods (and even alcohol). In fact summer is when they're at their peak so you want them now if possible but once season ends look for dried ones which can be found year round anywhere that carries natural foods

Goji Nutrition

Goji berries have been around for a long time, and I can enjoy them year-round in my local farmers market. They come from the lycium fruit family of plants which includes apples (a close cousin), plums , strawberries or grapes among others!

Goji berries are a delicious and healthy snack. A serving of gojiberries contains 23 calories, which makes them perfect for saving money on your diet while still getting all the nutrients you need! These fruits also provide vitamin A & C as well as iron--a few key vitamins that any body needs daily to function normally
The health benefits don't stop there either; research studies have shown how lycium species can help boost immunity regulation among other things such cancer protection or eye sight improvement

Goji in the Kitchen

The versatile goji berries have a bright red color and sweet-tangy flavor. They're great in recipes, whether fresh or dried - when they look like tiny cherry tomatoes with perky green stems that are soft but chewy on your tongue! The texture of these delicious fruits closely resembles raisins & cranberries which makes them perfect for adding some extra excitement to any dish you cook up at home (or even if it's just snack time).

Top 5 Ways to Use Goji Berries

1. Blend Up a Superfood Smoothie Bowl. 

You can never go wrong when you mix up a refreshing smoothie that provides tons of nutrients! A goji berry bowl is an awesome super-nutrient packed treat to energize your day. Just them up with other seasonal fruit, unsweetened soymilk and chia seeds for flavor then top it off by adding granola or nuts depending on what else works best in terms if preference - they're also good as breakfast meal replacements too!!

2. Pack up a Healthy Goji Granola Mix. 

You can make your own granola by adding goji berries, walnuts and pecans to a mix of pumpkin seeds oats chocolate chips. Then you'll want coconut yogurt for breakfast or as an afternoon snack!
The best part about this recipe? It's easy enough that even kids could do it- so grab some sometime soon because we know how quick those busy weekdays tend be flying past before long ;)

3. Toss Up a Really Fresh Salad.

Whether you want to make your salad savory or sweet, Goji berries are an excellent addition. I love how these little fruits can be used in so many different recipes and still taste great! 

4. Bake Gojis into a Treat. 

You can make a sweet treat by incorporating them into whole grain muffins, such as these millet ones. Just swap out the blueberries for fresh or dried goji berries and you’re all set! You could also use this strategy in other baked recipes like cobblers ( swapping Rasberries) Bars & Crumbles . It would work well with any fruit that is typically added to your favorite dessert dishes

5. Create a Fabulous Parfait.

You can make a delicious treat by incorporating these into your whole grain muffins, such as the millet ones. Just swap out blueberries for fresh or dried goji berries and you're set! You could also use this strategy in other baked recipes like cobblers & crumble bars too- it's great when they are available at all stages of sweetness since we love having something savory after our dessert courses have ended :)

 Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a little more excitement in your life, goji berries just might be the answer. These powerful little fruits can give you an energy boost, improve your mood, and help keep you healthy. Plus, they’re delicious! Here are five ways to use goji berries that you may not have known about. Enjoy!