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“7 simple ways to cut down on holiday sugar intake”

The sugar season is here, and it can be hard to resist the sweet temptations. But this time of year may seem like an endless stream of treats for your body - not so great! To enjoy those holiday festivities without worrying about how many extra pounds you'll gain after them as well as some tips on how eat less during all meal times over these special days:


Set a goal

This season, make a commitment to yourself! Think about your goals and write them down. You'll be more likely this holiday season if you choose the type of food that fits with what makes sense for how much time there is in between work hours or other commitments like family obligations. And don't forget - talk it over with loved ones too- they might pressure us into eating Aunt Susan's pumpkin pie anyway but at least then we can politely refuse without feeling guilty knowing its not good enough nutritionally speaking (even though she could probably win any cooking contest while using an ancient recipe).

Allow small indulgences

What if your mom only makes one specific holiday treat every year and you’re worried that this will make it more difficult for yourself to stick with the plan? Don't deny yourself of all those fun flavors during these special times. Instead, decide ahead what indulgences are okay in order not have any regrets come December 25th - whether they be sugar-filled treats or something healthier!You can make a list of your favorite holiday treats or set the budget for yourself each day. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoons (100 calories) per day for women, and 9 spoons if you are male-oriented! Be intentional about how much sweets on hand so that these indulgences don’t add extra weight gain into an already busy life with school work piling up all around us during this time period before summer break starts where kids have less hours in their schedule but still need everything done beforehand because they know once vacation begins there will be zero motivation levels whatsoever especially when parents start thinking only one thing while awaiting Christmas gifts

Choose "no sugar days"

To help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, have a “no sugar day” after major events. This can be an effective way to reset yourself and get back in touch with the joy of eating clean food! On these days keep things simple- choose lean meats or fish; complex carbs like brown rice instead of white flour pasta dish that tastes great but is not good for us packed full calories from added sugars and buttery sauces made from high fat ingredients (think: hidden oils). Add lots vegetables into each meal as well - they're linked healthily fats which may make them taste better too :)

Focus on whole body health

Caring for your body is important, but too much of the wrong thing can be detrimental. When you care for yourself by eating sugar-laden treats in addition to taking better care of yourself with things like exercise and healthy food options, it becomes even harder to give into temptation! So check out these five alternatives that will help cut back on excess sweets without compromising quality pleasures:

1) Drink plenty water every day Gluging down glasses upon glasses are an easy way not only keep hydrated during this hot weather season but also stay away from all those sweetened drinks marketed towards teenagers who need something unhealthy enough calories count right? 

Skip liquid sugar

Sugary drinks are a favorite part of the holidays for many people, but if you want to avoid added sugars it's important not overdo any one type. For example drinking too much water before meals or treats can lead to being thirsty at that time and then consuming more food because they think their thirst was quenched again with liquids only adding onto what would’ve been eaten without them . Other sugary beverages include hot cocoa, alcoholic beverages like champagne toast , soda pop which all have different consequences on metabolism depending whether its diet version etcetera . So save those dangerous sweeteners for occasions where having something may really make someone happy - otherwise enjoy other healthier alternatives instead!

Recruit a friend

It’s easy to feel alone when you're trying to eat healthy during the holidays. Instead of doing it by yourself this season, recruit a friend with similar goals and interests as yours! Set an accountability system that will keep each other motivated throughout these hectic days leading up until New Year's Eve. Make sure your social media feeds are full of support from friends & family members who believe in what we're doing - because after all; they know best how difficult life can be on our own without their encouragement!

Eat foods that help your body's metabolism.

One way you can stay on track during the holidays is to load up on foods that will help boost your metabolism. Goji berries are one of these great food choices because they’re high in antioxidants and also provide a healthy source of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which all work together to improve your health! You can enjoy eating goji berries as a snack or adding them to baked goods for even more benefits. We recommend stocking up on some today so you have plenty throughout the holiday season!