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Is it Working Out? (Maca, part 2)

So Keith Richards probably isn’t the best place to go for health advice. On the one hand, the dude has...

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Root Vegetables are Weird: Maca, Part 1

How, exactly, In the beginning of time, did ANYONE discover berries or something strange looking to be edible? I never quite get how...

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Seeking Superfood enthusiasts and adventurers to join our Wellness Quest

You aren't here by accident. You heard our call for Superfood Advocates and we will preface this essay with the reassurance that should you decide to accept this mission today--of joining our Wellness Quest--then your curiosity alone will give you 20% off any of our Nutrient Elements Superfoods instantly. But there's more.  We've teamed up with other evangelists of healthy living and mindful healthy choices. We have come to think that a Wellness Quest is in order. Share who you'd want to win the prize with by tagging them in the comments. View article

The Anatomy of a Smoothie Bowl - Infographic

Smoothie Bowls are gorgeous works of art and the perfect way to experiment and channel your inner scientist. Here we share an Infographic of an easy peasy Smoothie Bowl crafted by our team at Nutrient Elements. View article

If you love Smoothie Bowls - How fab would a Superfood subscription be?

Create a Smoothie Bowl and Tag us. Easy. How would you like a Superfood Subscription for 3 months? Create a #SmoothieBowl and Tag Nutrient Elements on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win with hashtags #NutrientElements and #GojiChallenge - First 20 @NutrientElements Instagram followers get 30% off Goji, Maca & Cacao for their followers, too. Every Month. View article

How to Make a gorgeous Goji Berries Smoothie Bowl

Yes, we said smoothie bowl. The quintessential healthy smoothie has long since been a classic breakfast food or healthy afternoon snack. It’s perfect for thwarting the peckish feeling we all get. Take smoothies to the next level and really pack in the good stuff by serving them as bowls topped with additional nutrient-dense ingredients!  View article

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