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If you love Smoothie Bowls - How fab would a Superfood subscription be?

We will pick 20 savvy smoothie bowl creators every month. That subscription will last you while we nourish ourselves this Winter; until Spring brings back a new joyful beat back into our breakfasts and brunches...

It's easy! Create a Smoothie Bowl and Tag Nutrient Elements on Instagram or in Facebook for a chance to win with hashtags #NutrientElements and #GojiChallenge - and on top of that, the first 20 @NutrientElements followers get 30% off Goji, Maca & Cacao for their followers, too. Every Month.
It couldn't be easier, all skill levels acceptable for this epic smoothie bowl creator challenge. If you think this sounds like a good idea and have no idea where to start, read up on our previous blog:  How to make a Goji Berries Smoothie Bowl
PS - Prefer sign-up forms? Submit your smoothie bowl creation using this link: http:

(PPS - Every entry also gives you 30% off Nutrient Elements via a secret sale upon submission!)
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