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"How to make a skin glow smoothie for summer"

Goji berries are everywhere, and with good reason! They're one of the most nutrient dense foods on Earth. Here's why:
They have a high-quality protein to carbohydrates ratio which supports cardiovascular health and lean muscle mass development.
Goji berry is an anti-oxidant rich food that helps fight cancer cells from developing in our body by preventing mutations in cellular DNA. This can help slow down or even stop certain types of cancers like leukemia or breast cancer as they grow rapidly due to mutation frequency within their cell lines when exposed to carcinogens (chemical agents known for causing tumors). Gojis also support skin health because it has vitamins A & E along with selenium all great antioxidants themselves too .

Make a healthy, summer time smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals! First soak 2 Tbsp. of goji berries in water for about 30 minutes to an hour until they are soft. In the meantime add 16 oz chopped pineapple into your blender followed by rehydrated (or soaked) gojis and fresh squeezed lime juice from 1/2 of a large juicy lime. Blend on high speed for about half a minute or so then serve right away while cold!

Pour yourself some refreshment this upcoming summer season; make one delicious Summer Skin Glow Smoothie using pineapples, limes and especially tasty dried Goji Berries all blended together perfectly at home - no expensive trips necessary! All you need is 25-30 mins

Just a friendly tip 

I personally like to keep my organic goji berries in a container with water at all times so they are ready for me when I need them. It only takes about 4 hours of soaking time until the dried up redberries become soft and plump again. If you store your rehydrated soaked goji berries properly, it should last longer than 1 week!