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"How to make healthy smoothie bowls"

I know you may be thinking that smoothie bowls are just for Instagram, but these recipes are actually really tasty and easy to make. Read on for 9 tips for making the best healthy smoothie bowl every time!     

(This blog post will provide a list of tips)

1)Eat slow!

The latest trend in healthy food is to eat your smoothie bowl slowly. This will help you feel fuller, more satisfied and less hungry throughout the day. Here are three ways to make sure that you're not gobbling up your breakfast before 10 minutes has passed:


Smoothie bowls are a new trend in the healthy food world. Contrary to traditional smoothies, they can be topped with all sorts of yummy ingredients like nut butters and seeds for extra nutrients. Plus, it's fun because you get more texture than just drinking something that slips down your throat on its own!

3) pick a liquid base for your smoothie

Blending is a fantastic way to whip up healthy recipes in the morning, but it’s not always easy figuring out what kind of liquid you want as your base. You can use plant-based milks for vegan smoothies and chilled tea or coconut water if you don't have cow's milk handy! One great option that doesn't need refrigeration is 100% fruit juice - just make sure there are no artificial flavors added before adding any extras like protein powder or greens (if desired).

4)Include protein 

Adding in protein to your smoothie will make it a more balanced meal and even better nutritional profile.

The addition of good sources of protein into the blender for my morning breakfast is what keeps me going until lunch time at work. My favorite go-to recipe includes frozen fruit, almond milk, vanilla extract and plain greek yogurt with peanut butter blended together just like ice cream!

5)Add in any toppings that will make the smoothie taste better 

A frozen smoothie bowl is a great way to start your day and stay energized throughout. Blend up some of the freshest fruit you can find, add in some juice or yogurt for extra creaminess if desired, then top with whatever toppings sound best! Add nuts like almond butter and pumpkin seeds for protein-packed flavor or goji berries as an antioxidant boost - there are so many delicious possibilities that it's hard not have fun experimenting.

Sharing is caring, so make enough for two (or more) and share the healthy smoothie bowl love! If you’re having guests over or making them for family, set up a toppings bar where everyone can create their own delicious looking creations. And don’t forget to snap a photo of your beautiful masterpiece – we want to see it too!