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You and I are both on a quest

A Wellness Quest. In search of Happiness. And that's why we at Nutrient Elements HQ are devoted to sourcing superfoods and vitamin supplements that are effective yet kind to your body...

Start your Quest with our new KETO Creamer

We've taken a page from the Ancients' Playbook...

Our organic superfood powders give you special powers of health and longevity (or so it's been said)

Our Goji Berries and MCT Oil Powder will power up your coffee and create savvy smoothies

Our mission is to share 'Wellness in Body and Mind', whenever & however way we can. Join our Wellness Quest!

In the adventure of life, on the quest to a better self.

From the depths of your heart to the tingling in your skin. Trading recipes and sharing trail mix. That's your road to wellness. Every element builds you into the best version of yourself. Every nutrient adds to what makes you YOU.

Organic Goji Berries

Sourced from the Himalayan mountains. Organically grown, picked and sourced at the peak of its ripe perfection, our dried goji berries are certainly some of nature’s best natural tasty medicines.

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MCT Oil Powder - Keto Creamer

A Fast dissolving perfectly creamy keto product. Helps to achieve and maintain ketosis with zero net carbs, while keeping you sustained with energy sans the hype. Healthy gut support, too!

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NEW Creamy Keto MCT Oil Powder

Fast dissolving and blends easily with coffee, shakes and more. With zero net carbs it's the perfect keto supplement.

Honest Guidance

There is a sea of information out there and it can get a bit overwhelming. It's our job at Nutrient Elements HQ to find and present the Science and Art of Wellness. Always. We promise to be honest with you. We don't pretend all supplements have equal levels of scientific evidence or traditional history — because that isn't the truth. The only constant is change, so trust us to bring you new evidence on old truths; as and when we find them.

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Better Ingredients

Our research and development team have traveled the planet from the Andes Mountains to New England farmsteads. With a wealth of research and experiences, we can provide the most effective, bioavailable, and sustainable ingredients possible. We’re transparent about our supply chain, because we develop healthy products that we ourselves take. And then we deliver them straight to your door.

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